About Us

Flatland Mobile, a division of Flatland Studios, is a mobile marketing and media services company providing a complete range of mobile services. The company’s mission is to power the mobile phone as today’s primary communication tool through delivery of targeted high-value interactive content. With an industry-leading focus on consultancy, reporting, data analysis and client services. Flatland Mobile is the mobile marketing agency of choice for clients.

We credit much of our success to the unique Flatland Mobile hybrid structure. Not the planet-saving kind that you drive around in to save gas. But the kind that unites passionate geniuses from the marketing and technical disciplines under one roof to deliver a powerhouse of mobile solutions. This commitment to leading the curve has made Flatland Mobile the thought leaders we are today. Whether you’re a newbie to mobile or a seasoned expert who’s interested in maximizing its potential, Flatland Mobile’s expertise at providing mobile solutions to help you reach your goals.

Why should you use us? There are a ton of reasons why, but here are a handful…

  • Highly Experienced - Mobile marketing is what we do, and that is all we do. That means we know what we are doing, but more important we know how to make mobile marketing work for you.
  • Results Focused - When you become a client we set success criteria with the sole purpose of making sure you get the results you want. Many times we surpass expectations and open a number of new marketing ideas that had not been considered before.
  • We Grow With You - While you’ll likely start with some simple but highly effective SMS marketing, you’ll soon realize the potential of mobile marketing and decide to explore it further. This could be mobile apps or mobile websites. We supply all of this and more ‘in-house’ which means as a team we know your experience so far and where you are headed in order to grow with you and support you every step of the way.
  • Specialist Expertise and Leading Strategies - We know what works. We know how to do it brilliantly. Because everyone on the team has long-term experience with mobile marketing; you know you are in good hands. Our expert account managers can help advise and educate you on a mobile marketing strategy that fits your business and plans perfectly.


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