• Virtual Business Cards - Never be caught in a situation where you cannot give out your business card because you don’t have one with you, forgot them in your briefcase, or simply just handed out the last one. Never give out information to someone and not get theirs in return again. The Virtual Business Card is not only environmentally friendly but is always with you. An even greater value is in the database of contacts that you build up over time as you continue to hand out the V-cards.
  • Text Message Marketing - SMS Reminders, notifications, coupons, polls, surveys, contests, autoresponders, and alerts are the gateway to more revenue for you and your business. Flatland Mobile works with your team to determine the key objectives of your organization and then works with them to integrate mobile SMS strategies that compliment their efforts.
  • Mobile Websites - The most recent data shows that a business that invests today in a mobile website that provides the same type of easy to use and complete transactions features of your current site, that you will recoup your investment within a year. Because of the rapid growth of the mobile web, it is easy to see why 89% of major brands are either already have or are building out their mobile web presence.
  • Smart Phone Applications - We started off focusing on iPhone development and gained valuable experience, as well as reputation. As other platforms began to respond to the paradigm created by Apple in the smartphone industry, Flatland Mobile was quick to respond to the changes, adding formidable technical skills as well as development and design experience in all major smartphone platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, as well as the ever-evolving Windows Mobile. With Smart Phone Applications you can reach a highly interactive segment of your client base and use them to drive traffic, referrals, impressions, and revenue.
  • Appointment Reminders - Flatland Mobile rovides text appointment reminders to Doctors, Dentists, Veteranarians, Mechanics, Gyms, Trainers, Chiropractors, and more. If your company would benefit from timely arrivals, less no-shows, and happier clients, then look no further than this solution. Whether integrated into your existing appointment and scheduling software and auto-generated, or the inexpensive out-of-the box solution, the results will be dramatic in bringing a return-on-investment.
  • Mobile Giving - In as little as 45 days your 501(c)3 can be up and running with mobile donations. The opportunity to quickly and easily scale up the donations to your organization are right here ready to start building a database today. Here are the simple steps:

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