Churches and Non-Profit Organizations

Increase Supporter Engagement
Put your message within reach of your supporters 24/7.  90% of America’s population have a cellphone and use text-messaging. This represents almost 3x more people than are on Facebook or even considered frequent email users. Texting is the most widely used technology application world-wide. So it is no surprise that nonprofits and churches are turning towards mobile to increase their engagements, decrease print costs, reach their members or supporters at any time and no matter where they are in the Continent.

The mobile communication platform allows your nonprofit to schedule Facebook or text-messages out to the members at the exact moment your organization wants them read. With 97% overall read-rates on texts, the message is not only delivered but absorbed creating more active participation, better attendance, and ultimately more donations as those message can carry a little link that takes the donors right to a donation page that can accept credit or debit cards as well as secure online transfers of funds directly from a bank account similar to an ACH and for far less transaction fees.

Tools to Reach into the Community
A powerful tool for community outreach–deliver your message right where people are looking for it.
Flatland Mobile works with nonprofits and churches throughout the continent in an effort to not only gain additional engagements and donations from their current participants and members, but utilize their current efforts to grow. Outreach is of primary importance and when Flatland Mobile tools are added to what your organization is already trying to accomplish, it augments and enhances your outreach programs significantly.

How does it work?
Mobile is the single easiest tool to get potential members/donors to engage with as it is always on, and always within reach. Whether you are running an event, putting out flyers, placing an outdoor display, or just using your feet on the street to witness to others about your mission, adding mobile to those channels gives the potential members a chance to engage. When they engage with their mobile device or provide their phone number on a form, your non-profit can now reach out to them via text in the future.

Saving Money One Donation at a Time
Our online and mobile payment platform will save you thousands of dollars a year in processing fees.
Stewardship of your nonprofit or church funds is vital and at Flatland Mobile we do everything we can to help. Accepting online and mobile donations is quickly becoming a necessity to maximize opportunities as fewer people carry cash or even write checks. Accepting donations from a website, mobile website, or app is required, and credit card fees take away money that your nonprofit deserves.

Flatland Mobile provides the ability to accept donations via credit or debit cards at incredibly low rates, but the real value of the donation pages created for your organization is the ability to accept online bank transfers for far less money, and in some cases for free, allowing your organization to keep the absolute most amount of money possible.

On-Demand Education to Help you Reach your Goals
Our video library gives step by step guidance to help you get started…and much more.
Nonprofit leaders are some of the most over worked people in the world, and for this reason launching a new program of any kind is a challenge. This is why Flatland Mobile provides so much in an effort to make the launch of your mobile donation, text giving and communication program a success. The on-demand educational videos are there to help with ideas of how to integrate mobile into your current programs easily, how to use mobile to reach out into the community virally, or even how you can grow your Facebook or other programs quickly.

Flatland Mobile will also provide you with one-on-one training to teach you and your team how easy it is to modify the content on your mobile website/app, how to send messages to your members, how to manage different groups, or even schedule your Facebook messages.

Contact Flatland Mobile today and we would be happy to give you a quick demo of the technology, answer any questions, or review pricing, as we know that you owe it to your mission and organization to do your due diligence when selecting a provider of your mobile communication, donation app, or text donations.

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