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Virtual Business Card
COI (Circle of Influence) management tool Text communication in the Real Estate World starts and stops with our environmentally refreshing option of a Virtual Business Card (V-Card). Today when we are at a business luncheon, an open house, or even bump into someone at the grocery store we hopefully hand them a business card. We tell them what we are doing, and hope they call us when they go to list their home in the future. The reality of where that card we handed them ends up doesn’t require much imagination. The landfills are full of realtors, insurance salesmen, bankers, and you. Imagine an interaction where you said, “I actually use a Virtual Business card, it is my own personal green initiative. Just send a text message to the phone number 62407, and in the message type (your name here). You will get an immediate text message back with all of my contact info, title, fax, e-mail, website, Skype, twitter, etc.” The beauty of this is as follows; by sending a text-message request for your business card has entered that client into a database manageable from the computer by the Broker, Agent, or Both.

We now can communicate and touch this potential customer right to their cell-phone from now into the future. We simply go to the computer, type a message into a box on our website, schedule delivery, and hit send. Within seconds we can send a message about a new listing, about interest rate updates, or new government incentives to everyone in our database all at once. These messages are delivered in the form of a text-message and read 97% of the time. Compare with direct mail read rates below 1%, or e-mail read rates that hover around 5%. Mobile communication reaches your potential clients more than 19x as often and with more effect. This type of delivery method is also much more cost-effective for a business because the cost per message pales in comparison with other methods. With this technology the client can opt-out of the mobile database at any time by replying STOP to the text-communications. However, opt-out rates are less than 1% across the industry meaning that once you have someone in your database, they rarely leave. Types of communications that is effective in building rapport, gaining referrals, and staying top-of-mind with your clients;

  • New Listing Information
  • Updates about Government grant programs
  • Housing valuations across the region
  • Data on foreclosures
  • Home maintenance tips to maintain value
  • Real-Estate Investing News and valued info

Virtual Flyers
A virtual flyer, a sign rider, or free standing sign is placed in the yard of each listing. It reads; “Text HOUSE123 to the phone number 72727 for pictures and information” Immediate text message is sent back to the potential buyer that reads, “4 bed, 3 baths, 3 car garage. Immaculate, priced below appraisal.

Buyer’s phone number is locked in this database and can be blasted with additional information on this listing in the future. Reporting shows who texted in and they can be followed up with by phone. One realtor in our case study was following up with potential consumers daily using a script like this. “Hello, this is John Doe from XYZ realty. I noticed you had texted in to receive information on the home at 123 South Street, and I am just calling to see if the technology worked ok for you. Did you get the information you desired? Did you see the pictures? Did you have any other questions?” This has been a good lead generation tool for this realtor. Additional benefits to this system include;

  • Add power to your listing presentations by showing your clients how you can capture more leads, deliver information like price reductions direct if necessary, and are at the cutting edge of technology.
  • No need for costly flyer boxes and flyers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save time and money by never having to drive new flyers to your properties again. With Virtual Flyers, they are always available.
  • Happier seller clients that don’t complain that their flyer box is empty
  • Lead Capture means more opportunities to communicate with potential buyers which equates to more transactions.

With these two items in place, your marketing now offers an immediate engagement that a potential client can interact with no matter where they are or what they are doing at the time.  Regardless of whether or not the person that “texts” in when they see or hear the promotion actually calls or walks into the office doesn’t matter!  They have been entered into our lead database, and now we will market directly to their cell-phone two weeks from now or a month later.

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