What is the biggest obstacle in retail sales? It may be just getting people in the door so that they can start making purchases. Instantly remind your loyal customers about new inventory, hottest technology or fashion, sales, coupons, new trends and more. Stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds with text messages marketing.

Step One – Advertise your Keyword & Short Code
Advertise your keywords on bulletins, radio spots, receipts, posters, or anywhere else you currently advertise

Step Two – Customer Opts In
Industry averages show that your business should be able to get 20% of your customer base to opt-in to your Mobile Marketing campaign. Many businesses surpass this number by properly marketing their Keyword and Short code. Your customers will see your advertisements for your Keyword and Short Code, pull out their phone, and text-in to the Short Code. They are now opt-ed in to your Mobile Marketing campaign. You now have this customer in your database and can send them advertisements directly to their cell phone whenever you like. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

Step Three – Receives Automated Text
The customer will instantly (and automatically) receive your “Welcome text” along with the promotion you advertised. Reach out to your most loyal customers and win new customers by advertising to them where they will see it.

Have you ever looked around the bar and seen more people texting than talking to each other? Half the time it is probably to people sitting at their own table. With Flatland Mobile you could market to those patrons while they are in your bar or not. Run a competition or shot special with the customers that are already in your bar. Remind customers of events and specials to them to visit your bar more often.

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